Personal Income Tax

Every individual who is a resident of Canada and who has taxable income must file an income tax return with the Canada Revenue Agency on an annual basis. While there are many relatively simple and straight forward tax situations, hiring a professional to file your return pays for itself in the long run. By using someone who is trained in the intricacies of Canadian income tax, you will be able to take full advantage of all the deductions and credits to which you are entitled, especially as your lifestyle, family structure, and tax profile evolve over time.

We will:

  1. Identify the tax slips needed to complete your personal tax return
  2. Identify deductions to be included in your personal tax return
  3. Ensure that all tax credits are applied correctly on your personal income tax return
  4. Ensure that your personal tax return is filed on time. Interest at prescribed rates will start to accrue after the April 30th deadline if payments are not made on time. Penalties may also start to apply if taxes are not submitted within the proper reporting period.

Personal situations can be varied and complex. From student loans to retirement and tax planning to rental properties, we have the expertise to help you understand and manage your financial life as wisely as possible.

Also, if you’ve used another service or completed your tax paperwork yourself and are now facing an audit or some other tax issue, we can serve as your personal representative. In these situations, a member of our team will deal with all your tax responsibilities, including the required paperwork and meeting with tax officials.

During your first meeting with us, it’s a good idea to bring in your last two years of personal tax returns and notices of assessment. We can verify carry forward amounts, maintain filing consistency when desired, and if necessary, adjust the prior year returns in your favor for missed income tax refunds.

We offer personal tax return preparation services for:

  • Canadian (T1) personal income tax return preparation
  • Canada Revenue Agency inquiries and audit support
  • Voluntary Disclosure Program/Taxpayer Relief request assistance
  • Immigration/emigration planning
  • Residence for income tax purposes
  • Estate planning and dealing with the death of a taxpayer
  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • Rental properties
  • Employment income and other sources of income such as pension and foreign income
  • Business income (self-employed, partnership)
  • Investment and partnership income
  • Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Rental Property
  • Farming and fishing income

Slightly less than half of all Canadians choose the “do-it-yourself” method of income tax preparation? There are over 400 deductions available to Canadians. Often, taxpayers who have self-prepared their tax return file without feeling confident that it is correct or that they have claimed the optimal number of allowable credits and deductions. A recent survey reports that thirty-eight percent of those who self-prepared their tax returns expressed concerned that they missed out on credits and deductions that they were allowed. By using professional income tax preparation, our clients find that their confidence in the accuracy of the return and the number of claimed allowable credits and deductions are very high. Some clients come to us who had previously self-prepared their returns or had it prepared by someone else and did not claim some allowable credits and deductions. We were able to help them claim those credits and deductions on prior year returns.

Here are some examples of often-overlooked credits and deductions:


  • Medical expenses for dependents
  • The Canada Caregiver Amount
  • The Home Accessibility Tax Credit


  • Private medical insurance premiums
  • Tutoring services for children with disabilities
  • Cost for home renovations that improve mobility and access
  • Travel expenses for medical treatments that are over 40 km (one way)

The tax laws are complex and always changing. Our team stays current on these changes. Here are some examples of some of the tax law changes for the 2018 tax year:

Credits that are ending

    • Education and textbook credits
    • Credits for children’s activities such as dance and swim classes
    • Public transit tax credit

New or improved credits

      • Canada caregiver credit expansion
      • Disability tax credit has added Nurse Practitioners to the list of certified health professionals
      • Medical expense tax credit now includes infertility treatments

Filing a tax return focuses on actions and activities that established throughout the prior year. Tax season typically focuses on the past. Tax planning is different from the filing of your tax return. While most everyone understands the process of filing their taxes every year, few have considered strategic tax planning for future tax years. Tax planning can be one of the most powerful tools you can use to accomplish your financial goals. Not all professional tax preparers are qualified to provide planning advice. We work with our clients to map out a short-term and long-term tax strategy that will support and accelerate your financial goals. It is essential to keep in mind that financial planning and tax planning are not the same. Many financial planners are experts in the portfolios and products that they sell and not in tax planning. Your overall financial strategy should include financial planning and tax planning. We can provide successful tax planning services because of our thorough understanding of our clients’ goals and our diligence in staying up-to-date on current tax law. A survey conducted by Intuit reported that fifty-eight percent of Canadians were uncertain as to the tax treatment of capital gains and that sixty-two percent were unclear regarding the taxes on dividends. Our professional tax services provide the expertise to help our clients formulate tax strategies that will enable them to have the most after-tax income and to preserve and grow their financial assets.

We bring peace of mind to our clients. We listen to them to understand their goals, their current situation, and the future that they desire. We are experts in understanding the complex tax laws so are our clients don’t have to be. We ensure that our clients are compliant with the tax laws while helping them take advantage of every allowable credit and deduction. We not only help our clients through the income tax preparation and filing process but we work with them to proactively and purposefully plan for future filings to support and accelerate their financial goals.