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Corporate and Small Business Income Tax south surrey

Corporate and Small Business Income Tax

The corporate tax filing process can be onerous if you aren’t prepared.

Estate Planning and Trusts South Surrey BC

Estate Planning and Trusts

Estate planning allows you to protect the interests of your family or loved ones, while minimizing or eliminating estate taxes, inheritance taxes, and probate fees.

year End Account South Surrey BC

Year End Accounting

Year-end business financial statements, such as income statements and balance sheets, are pertinent for most corporations.

Personal Income Tax

Every individual who is a resident of Canada and who has taxable income must file an income tax return with the Canada Revenue Agency on an annual basis.

Bookkeeping Services South Surrey BC

Bookkeeping Services

Whether you are a start-up, a growing business, or a well-established business, KCS Inc. can provide bookkeeping services to meet your needs

Tax Specialist White Rock BC
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Learn About Our Accounting Firm From White Rock BC

KCS Inc. offers all types of business and personal tax and accounting services. Visit their new office located in Suite 312 at Windsor Square in White Rock to get the answers to all of your tax questions.

Here's how we helped one of our client's solve their problem

An individual contacted us seeking to make an appointment. He was relieved that we were able to see him quite quickly. He explained that he had filed his prior year-end Canadian corporate tax return using the services of another accounting firm. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audited the tax return, and, issued a Notice of Reassessment. The reassessment reflected a significant balance owed that included the new tax and interest.  He had never received a Notice of Reassessment before and had no idea how to proceed. We assured him that he would not have to address this issue alone and that we work with him every step of the way. We explained that there are two options in responding to a Notice of Reassessment; he could pay the amount showing as owed or he could file a Notice of Objection within ninety days of receiving the Notice of Reassessment to argue why he disagreed with the notice. Before we could determine the best course of action for him, we asked for a few days to review all of his tax documentation.

Our team carefully reviewed the tax return and all of the associated documentation. We identified several objections that we believed could successfully be argued. One issue, in particular, involved the treatment of an expenditure item that was accounted for as income but should have been characterized as a capital expense. We scheduled a follow-up meeting with the client and, based on our findings, recommended that we work together to file the Notice of Objection. The process of filing the Notice of Objection can be complicated and confusing and must be followed precisely. We correctly followed the process and presented our arguments and all of the supporting documentation. The CRA concurred with our findings. As a result, not only were the additional taxes and interest reversed, but the amount of taxes owed was less than the original filing. Our new client was grateful for the competency and professionalism of our team. He acknowledged that he would not have been able to achieve this positive outcome on his own.

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We provide our clients with strategies for dealing with difficulties and achieving their objectives.

Kevin SchindlerPresident of KCS Inc.

Clients’ Testimonials

  • I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Kevin Schindler at KCS for approximately the last six years. I have found Kevin and his staff to be very professional, cordial, highly proficient and always available.

    Kevin has counselled and directed me through some challenging business and personal situations during recent years, for which I am deeply grateful. Kevin’s personality includes taking a personal interest in his client’s life beyond the business aspect.

    Kevin’s fees are extremely reasonable and he is worth every penny I have paid his firm. Kevin also possesses a great sense of humor; for example: going through some of my business crisis, his comment often to me was “Barry, it’s just a bump in the road”.

    I have no hesitation in highly recommending Kevin and his company, KCS Inc., to anyone looking for a highly qualified Business and Personal Accountant.

    Barry Borthistle

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